Adit No. 1

Adit No. 1 in Jáchymov is located about 6 km from Boží Dar. It provides an unusual insight into the history of mining, a tour with an engaging interpretation will introduce you to the history of mining in the Jáchymov region, where silver, non-ferrous metals, but also uranium were mined. The length of the accessible part of the adit is currently approximately 270 metres.

In the shaft you can see examples of various types of shafts (wooden, steel, bolt), mining carts, manual mining equipment (jackhammers, drilling hammers).

The exposition is complemented by the finds that were discovered in the area of the original silver and later uranium mine. In the adit, you will see, for example, two cages (bars) that were used to confine prisoners underground, or objects that were found in the premises of the Svornost camp (camp chimneys, lampshades, etc.). The restored Mauthausen stairs, where the prisoners used to walk, the guard towers and the facilities of the complex are also added to the atmosphere of the camp in a replica of a former camp house. The 8.5 km long Jáchymov Hell nature trail runs along the mining museum at Stola No. 1.

For safety reasons, the capacity of the adit is limited to about 20 visitors.

Admission is open to children from 5 years of age.

BOOKING: +420 601 289 121

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