Popov and the Popov cross

The settlement of Popov, Pfaffengrün in German, was founded even earlier than the nearby Jáchymov. According to some sources, it was already in the 13th century, when it is mentioned as the property of the Teplá Premonstratensian monastery. In the following period the village was divided into Upper and Lower Popov. After World War II, …

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Valley of the mills

Around 60 mills of various shapes and sizes clatter on a small stream near the spa centre. Locals and spa guests install home-made grinders on the stream so that they will be clicking continuously all year round. Many legends are linked to this tradition.Every year in May, the Valley of the Mills comes alive with …

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Jáchymov Museum

The Jáchymov Museum is housed in a historic mint building from the first half of the 16th century. If you go to the museum, pay attention to this beautiful Renaissance building in addition to the exhibition. The Jáchymov Museum can be found above the local town hall, near the Church of St. Jáchym. You can …

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Baby Jesus trail

The Jesus Journey consists of two circuits. A smaller circuit (5.6 km) and a larger circuit (12.9 km). Along the route, children can perform various tasks and write them down in a notebook, which can be purchased at the Boží Dar Information Centre. At the end, the completed notebook is handed in again at the …

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Königsmühle is an extinct settlement near Háj in the Ore Mountains. Once around 50 people lived here. There were also Sudeten Germans who were evicted after the war and the settlement was wiped off the map. Nowadays, the doKrajin association takes care of the valley. Every year, a Landart festival is organized by various artists.

Nature trail Božídar Peat Bog

The Božídar Peat Bog Nature Trail leads through a part of the Božídar Peat Bog National Nature Reserve, which has been declared an internationally important wetland under the Ramsar Convention. The 3.2 km long trail starts at the beginning of the Ore mountain Route, where the first information board is also located. The majority of …

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