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Café 1516

Café 1516 is located in the upper historical part of Jáchymov behind the Town Hall and the Museum. The name is derived from the year

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Incognito cofee

Incognito Coffee is a café open for the fifth year near the roundabout in Jáchymov.You can enjoy homemade cakes, pastries, sandwiches, coffee specialties and many

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Bistro Abertamy

When you plan your trip to the beauty of the Ore Mountains, don’t forget about your stomach. Whether you go hiking, cycling or cross-country skiing,

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Baby Jesus trail

The Jesus Journey consists of two circuits. A smaller circuit (5.6 km) and a larger circuit (12.9 km). Along the route, children can perform various

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Königsmühle is an extinct settlement near Háj in the Ore Mountains. Once around 50 people lived here. There were also Sudeten Germans who were evicted

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Adit No. 1

Adit No. 1 in Jáchymov is located about 6 km from Boží Dar. It provides an unusual insight into the history of mining, a tour

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